SOPHY's Level 1 Training - 25 May



SOPHY's Level 1 Training - 27th June



SOPHY's Conference will be held on 17 - 18 August. For details and registration, click here.


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We have had a busy year this year with our latest event being an evening on August 1 2006 at the ANU co-coordinated by Dr Winifred Wing Han Lamb on What can we know? Conversations on scepticism, fundamentalism and faith. The evening consisted of three short talks on scepticism and the rise of fundamentalism within North American Protestant fundamentalism in the early 1900's and was chaired by Dr. Simon Haines, ANU.


SOPHY held workshop in August Dr Simon Haines, Head of School of Humanities, ANU and Prof Phil Cam, Philosophy Dept UNSW gave excellent presentations this was followed by demonstrations of what philosophy lessons can look like in a range of classrooms.


The year 2004 focused primarily on Professional Development for teachers in the ACT We coordinated and organised three level 1 workshops and a level 2 workshop Wrote a successful submission celebrating literacy through P4C This highly successful Literacy Celebration brought together 60 students from Taylor Primary, Radford College and Narrabundah College to celebrate Literacy and Numeracy week using literacy through philosophy for children. Approximately two hundred and twenty community members attended the evening workshop/demonstrations in Philosophy for Children. Our key note speaker was Dr Philip Cam.