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The Israel Center for Philosophy in Education (In Hebrew)



Offline Resources for Teaching Philosophy for Children

The Socratic Classroom - Reflective Thinking Through Collaborative Inquiry by Sarah Davey Chesters (Book) 2012
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
More information can be obtained about this book - attached flyer (PDF)

The Socratic Classroom

Discussions in Science by Dr. Tim Sprod (Book) 2011
More information can be obtained about this book - attached flyer (PDF)

Discussions in Science


Values Education in Schools by Burgh, Freakley & Tilt MacSporran (Book)
More information can be obtained about this book at ACER or the attached flyer (PDF)

Values Education

Australasian catalogue of Curriculum Materials and Teacher Resources (Word doc)

This catalogue has a listing of books and journals that will help in the learning and teaching of P4C.

UNESCO Study: "Philosophy: A School of Freedom"

"UNESCO has just released an important publication surveying P4C worldwide. Australia features fairly prominently. A summary of Australia's contribution by Stephan Millett is nicely displayed." (Source: Alan Tapper)

Philosophy and Ethics Books

Ethics 1Ethics 2ethics 3

"The first book in the series (for units 1A and 1B of the Philosophy and Ethics course) will be very useful for anyone in middle school (years 5-9) with gifted or talented kids: it has lots of activities. The other two will be good for slightly older kids wishing to get their teeth into something. All three would be a good resource for teachers to train themselves in philosophy and critical thinking. We wrote them with teaching in mind." (Source: Stephan Millett)

These books ($56.95) can be ordered Online here - you need to go to halfway down the page.